Workplace Literacy & Essential Skills Plan

Finding Solutions Together to Strengthen Our Workforce

Did you know?

      – Right now, over 150,000 British Columbians aged 25 to 54 haven’t graduated from high school.
      – 600,000 adults do not have the literacy and essential skills they need to achieve success in their career goals.
      – By 2020, B.C. will have 1.3 million new job openings but there are only about 650,000 children in the school system now.

To learn about the impact of low literacy rates and contribute to solutions for addressing the current and looming labour and skill shortages, we brought together senior public, private and non-profit leaders.  What resulted was the Workforce Literacy & Essential Skills Plan, which is designed to support current and future generations of adults in the workplace. 

A Workforce literacy & essential skills Plan
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Summary Report: Literacy and Essential SKills solutions forum
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The challenge of finding skilled labour
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