Are you looking to improve your professional skills?

Upgrade your skills from the comfort of your own home! All you need is an online connection (high-speed preferred), speakers, and optionally, a microphone.

Each of our webinars is free of charge and is fully interactive: hear the voice of our experts, and have your voice heard!

Services We Offer for You:

We offer several unique professional development opportunities to help you achieve your literacy training goals. Each year, we offer informative webinars in the following areas:

– Writing Out Loud;
– Instructional Strategies for Writing;
– Instructional Strategies for Reading;
– Introduction to Adult Literacy Benchmarks;
– Family Literacy;
– Social Media Tips (Facebook, Twitter);
– Consensus-Building in Organizations, and more.

Benefits to You:

Our free webinars give you opportunities for professional growth from the comfort of your own computer – at home, at your office, or even on the go!

Our webinars are:

Convenient: use your own computer and learn anywhere that you can log on through a high-speed connection;
Easy-to-use: Our state-of-the-art software offers flexibility – it’s entirely online, works for a variety of operating systems, and allows for two-way conversations, a chat function, online voting, and more.
No cost: all webinars are free – there’s no cost to you.
Full of Expertise: learn from top professionals in the literacy field.
Fully Interactive: our webinars aren’t formal lectures; ask your questions and we’ll be happy to respond.


“I hope you enjoyed doing [the webinars] as much as we enjoyed participating.” – Literacy Professional

“I found your input and insights informative, so thank you.” – B.C. Literacy Outreach Coordinator