Zero to Three

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is defined by Zero to Three as a set of parental behaviours that support a child’s capacity to love, trust, explore and learn. For a more detailed explanation, read Nine Elements That Power Positive Parenting. How does positive parenting develop the skills that children need? For more on developing these essential life skills… Read more

Expectation Gap

When do parents expect that children can control their emotions? When do parents think that children are able to share and take turns? Is what they expect realistic? Zero to Three’s survey of American parents reveals there’s a gap between what parents expect and what children are developmentally able to do. (Click the images for… Read more

The “Missing” First Year

A recent survey by ZERO TO THREE in the United States revealed that while parents are aware of the importance of early experiences for their children’s development, they often underestimate how much babies know, learn and feel during the first few months of life. (Click the image to see the full infographic.) ZERO TO THREE… Read more

For Grandparents

Grandparents enjoy a special relationship with their grandchildren.  Many grandparents play a significant role as caregivers.  Zero to Three has developed a number of information sheets to provide all grandparents with up to date information on early child development.  Here’s a sample: Play With Me!: Fun Activities that Support Early Learning, 0-12 months  Play With… Read more