Online Picture Prompts

Do your students need some help in finding something to write about? Have you ever tried using online picture prompts? Here are five places you can start finding picture prompts online: Picture Prompts from the New York Times Learning Network includes both photos and illustrations with fairly short introductions. What’s Going On in This Picture?… Read more

Email Writing Tips

Do you write emails everyday? Here are reminders of things you can do to improve your email communication. How to Write the Perfect Email – Tips and Tricks, a recent blog post from Grammarly, concisely covers the anatomy of a good email, common mistakes and what to do instead,  and four strategies to make your… Read more


WorkWise is a six-book series designed to help adult students succeed before, during, and after the job search. Soft Skills The first three books in the WorkWise series – Choosing a Job, Getting a Job, Starting a Job – teach key job readiness concepts and provide meaningful exercises to boost students’ confidence and get them… Read more

Dialogue Journals

A dialogue journal is an ongoing written communication between two people to exchange experiences, ideas, or thoughts. The focus is on meaningful writing, not grammar or spelling. Used in teaching, it has several benefits including: Practicing writing to gain fluency Allowing students to show their strengths and interests Being an informal means of formative assessment… Read more

Picture Prompts

The New York Times has introduced a new feature in its Learning Network. Picture Prompts is a collection of images with accompanying questions that support writing. What’s Going On in This Picture?, another New York Times Learning Network resource, continues to be produced. It contains intriguing photographs without captions. This resource can be used as… Read more


Every Monday, The Learning Network of the New York Times posts a picture and asks What’s Going On In This Picture? (WGOITP?)  In addition to selecting a picture and posing three questions for students to ponder, students are invited to comment. On Friday the caption for the photo is revealed, along with more information. Does… Read more

Weaving It Together

New in the library! Weaving It Together is a series of workbooks that develop learners’ reading and writing skills by connecting high-interest readings with guided writing practice. The fourth edition was released this year with new and updated readings from National Geographic. Vocabulary and comprehension exercises build word knowledge and help develop reading skills. Writing… Read more

Tutor Tips from Ireland

The National Adult Literacy Agency of Ireland held a Tutors’ Forum earlier this year. The following four videos showcase some of the tips and strategies that were offered for teaching reading and writing.

Writing to Make a Difference

Are you involved in producing communications for a literacy organization?  Do you use any of the following techniques to make your writing more effective? Spotlight your mission repeatedly Share stories Show, don’t just tell Go out with a bang Make sure it looks right Sort out confusing words All of these guidelines, and more, are… Read more

Writing notes – digital or paper?

While there’s quite a bit of research and lots of opinions on the effects of digital media on reading, the effect of digital media on writing notes is also being investigated.  Do you write better notes digitally or with pen and paper? The research is in its early stages; here are some articles with preliminary… Read more