workforce literacy

UP Skills Update

UP Skills for Work is a workforce literacy program from ABC Life Literacy. It will include free workshops and workbooks with introductory information on key employability skills: motivation, attitude, accountability, presentation, teamwork, time management, adaptability, stress management and confidence. Last fall, three of the workplace skills were addressed: motivation, attitude and accountability. This fall, three… Read more

International Literacy Day 2018

Tomorrow is International Literacy Day! This year’s theme is Literacy and Skills Development. The focus will be on youth and adults within the lifelong learning framework, and the links between literacy and the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for work, including transferable and digital skills. Here’s one of the key messages: Rapidly changing labour markets… Read more


WorkWise is a six-book series designed to help adult students succeed before, during, and after the job search. Soft Skills The first three books in the WorkWise series – Choosing a Job, Getting a Job, Starting a Job – teach key job readiness concepts and provide meaningful exercises to boost students’ confidence and get them… Read more

UP Skills for Work

Are you starting to plan your adult literacy programs for the fall? What about new-to-you workplace literacy programs? Here’s a program to consider. UP Skills for Work is a workplace literacy program from ABC Life Literacy Canada. This soft skills program is designed to be delivered to adult learners at community organizations and workplaces across… Read more

Soft Skills at Work

Soft Skills at Work is a new series of photostories from Grass Roots Press. Research shows that soft skills are important to success in the workplace, sometimes even more important than technical skills. This series uses photostories to feature six soft skills: Working as a Team (teamwork) Thinking on Your Feet (problem solving) Putting Customers… Read more

Literacy and the Labour Movement

Learning in Solidarity is a new website by CUPE about the history of literacy within the labour movement in dates, spoken and written words. A historical timeline, testimonies from some key figures of the movement and resources produced by unions and central labour bodies tell the story of labour’s long-time advocacy efforts to meet workers’… Read more

Building Resilient Workers: Health and Safety at Work

New from Decoda! Building Resilient Workers: Health and Safety at Work is a workforce literacy curriculum that consists of five modules that cover rights and responsibilities at work, hazards in the workplace, workplace First Aid, ergonomics, and workplace violence. It has reading, writing and oral communication activities embedded in the health and safety content. The… Read more

Employment Training for Immigrant Women

The award-winning Educational Curriculum Manual: Employment Training for Low Literacy Immigrant Women is available online.  Developed by the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, it was written for teachers and administrators looking for workforce training resources for immigrant women with less than 12 years of education in their country of origin.  The training model is modular and… Read more