ABC Internet Matters

ABC Life Literacy Canada has created a new pilot digital literacy program ABC Internet Matters. The program is designed to help adults develop a deeper understanding of the Internet, what it is and how it can help them do things that are important to them, their families, work, and community. The program is structured around… Read more

Getting to Know Your iPad

Getting to Know Your iPad lessons is another popular digital literacy resource from the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy. Learn the basics for getting started, using email, contacts and calendars, photos, Facebook, communicating using Facetime and iMessages and more. This field-tested and popular curriculum includes a workbook as well as facilitator’s notes. The same easy… Read more

Weaving It Together

New in the library! Weaving It Together is a series of workbooks that develop learners’ reading and writing skills by connecting high-interest readings with guided writing practice. The fourth edition was released this year with new and updated readings from National Geographic. Vocabulary and comprehension exercises build word knowledge and help develop reading skills. Writing… Read more