Literacy and Voting

Literacy is correlated with civic engagement. Read Frontier College’s Literacy and Civic Engagement: Discussion Paper for background information. With the Federal Election on October 21st, voting is front and centre as an important part of civic engagement. If you are teaching about the electoral process and voting, here are resources that may be helpful: CIVIX… Read more

BC Votes 2017 and The Westcoast Reader

The Westcoast Reader April 2017 issue is now available! April 2017 is a special double issue with a four-page insert, B.C. Votes 2017.  The supplement will help readers understand how elections work in BC, in advance of the provincial election in May.   In addition, the April issue contains articles about food, hockey, a new… Read more

Canada’s Democracy Week

Canada’s Democracy Week starts today. It’s a week dedicated to connecting Canadians with the democratic process. This year’s theme is “Let’s Get Canada Ready to Vote”. If you’re teaching learners about voting, take a look at last week’s blogpost on voting resources. To understand how adult literacy and learning is an election issue, read this… Read more

A Guide to Voting for Literacy Practitioners

Civic literacy is the knowledge and skills needed to participate in making change in your community. This includes voting. The Canadian federal election next month provides an opportunity for literacy learners to practice civic literacy. ABC Life Literacy Canada in partnership with Elections Canada has created A Guide to Voting: a Literacy Practitioner Workbook for… Read more