Dual Language Booklets

The Saskatchewan Literacy Network has a series of free Dual Language Booklets tucked in with other family literacy resources. Each booklet contains a small selection of simple, practical vocabulary for one theme: Clothing Colours Food Greetings In the City More Food Numbers Parts of the Body Transportation. And, each booklet is available in: Arabic Chinese… Read more

The Point of Babies Pointing

Pointing is a sign that babies have developed some social and communication skills. To learn more about why pointing is an important activity for babies, read: Baby Pointing: Such a Crucial Language Development Milestone The Importance of Pointing Make a Point of It Pointing can boost toddlers’ language skills, say researchers What’s the Point of… Read more

Building Preschool Vocabulary

Using descriptive words in conversations and day to day interactions with children helps build their creativity as well as their vocabulary. To learn more about how the variety and kind of words a child hears are important to vocabulary development, read Smart Talk: a conversation with Meredith Rowe about how to lay the groundwork for… Read more

Building a Strong Vocabulary -Books and an app

Building a Strong Vocabulary is a new series of books from New Readers Press to help student expand their vocabulary by using context clues to clarify meaning, analyzing words parts and word definitions, and practicing using words in a variety of exercises. Building a Strong Vocabulary for Life Skills (reading level 4-6) includes 12 units… Read more

Olympics vocabulary – and a quiz

For more terms associated with the Olympics, read Grammarly’s 15 Olympic Words You Need to Survive Rio. Click here to take the PBS Newshour quiz on How well do you know the Olympics? (You might be surprised by some of the questions – and answers!)