Newcomers and the Workplace Video Series

AWES (Alberta Workforce Essential Skills) has created a series of videos to support newcomers seeking work in Canada.  They were developed to respond to language, essential skills and intercultural gaps for employment seekers. The series includes: Newcomers and the Workplace: The First Day at a New Job Newcomers and the Workplace: Asking Questions on Your… Read more

The Roots of Reading Videos

Have you seen these videos? Well worth a look – or a second look! The Vancouver Public Library has created The Roots of Reading, a series of videos for parents and caregivers on early language and literacy development.  There’s an introductory video and then separate videos for talking, singing, playing, reading and writing. In addition,… Read more

Pronunciation for Adult ESL Students

Watch a pre-beginning level adult ESL class as they move through their weekly pronunciation routine and practice word stress with vocabulary words in their weekly reading. The teacher uses multisensory activities to engage learners and help them to hear and produce the rhythm of English. This is one in a series of videos on pronunciation… Read more

Financial Basics Videos

Are you looking for videos for financial literacy programs? The Financial Basics e-learning videos cover the essentials of personal finances; budgeting, living within your means, managing credit and debt, fraud prevention and investing and saving for the future. The eight videos in the series are designed to complement the Financial Basics workshop from the Financial… Read more

STEM for All Video Showcase

For those of you interested in STEM or STEAM, the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase is an opportunity to see short videos of more than 200 American STEM projects.  There are lots of ideas for all ages. The showcase is interactive between  May 14th and 21st.

Literacy Program Videos – South Vancouver Island

Today we are pleased to welcome Jan Dupuis, the Literacy Outreach Coordinator in Victoria, as our guest blogger. She shares her experience in creating videos of literacy programs. In the summer of 2017 I approached SHAW TV about producing segments on local literacy programs and services. I had experience volunteering with SHAW TV and understood… Read more

Fraud Prevention Month

March is Fraud Prevention Month. The focus is on helping Canadians learn to recognize, reject and report fraud. Competition Bureau Canada has created a series of videos featuring some of the most common types of scams. Here’s an example: See the rest of the anti-fraud videos here. Are you aware of some common scams? Take… Read more

Today I Learned

For people who would enjoy learning new, obscure or amazing things about the world and beyond, Today I Learned is a series of videos worth watching. National Geographic has a growing collection of very short videos on their website.  Here’s a sample: See the videos on the National Geographic website or YouTube. (Some of this… Read more