ESL Pull-Out Kits

The Minnesota Literacy Council has developed instructions for making ESL Pull-Out Kits. Each kit addresses a specific skill area and contains a list of materials, instructions for assembling the kit, detailed instructions for activities, handouts and supporting materials. Created to support volunteer tutors, the kits were also designed to save teachers time. Teachers provide volunteers… Read more


The Irish National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has developed a new website with print exercises, online exercises, games and resources for tutors. It’s a useful for resource for adult students, tutors and teachers. Visit LiteracyTools.ie to browse through the resources.

Tutors and Digital Literacy

Do you help adult learners with digital literacy? You may find some interesting information that relates to your work on the Digital Literacy Acquisition and Equity Research Hub. This new blog, created by the Literacy, Language and Technology Research (LLTR) group at Portland State University, collects and organizes the findings from the 4-years of research… Read more

Tutor Tips from Ireland

The National Adult Literacy Agency of Ireland held a Tutors’ Forum earlier this year. The following four videos showcase some of the tips and strategies that were offered for teaching reading and writing.

A Tutor and Learner Success Story

Gaye and Robert are a tutor and learner who work together in the Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP) run through South Burnaby Neighbourhood House. Here are their stories: Gaye’s Story When my Rotary Club member Antonia Beck asked if anyone was interested in becoming a tutor for the Community Adult Literacy program (CALP) program I… Read more