Tips for Newcomer Parents

Are you working with newcomer parents? Here are three resources that can be helpful. If you are looking for an easy-to-read guide for parents filled with fun activities for young children that help them become successful learners, visit the Helping Children Learn website and download one or all of the three Learning Together Every Day… Read more

Reading Aloud

Today is the 10th anniversary of World Read Aloud Day! It’s a time to celebrate and advocate for literacy by reading aloud. This video from the Vancouver Public Library summarizes for parents the why and how of reading together. For more tips to boost your read aloud experience, read: Making the Most of Reading Aloud:… Read more

Tips on Toys

With so many toys available, how can you choose a toy that will provide good play value? Here are some tips: Choosing Toys to Grow With Your Preschooler Good Toys for Young Children by Age and Stage Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers Toy Buying Tips for Babies & Young Children: AAP Report Explained What… Read more

Email Writing Tips

Do you write emails everyday? Here are reminders of things you can do to improve your email communication. How to Write the Perfect Email – Tips and Tricks, a recent blog post from Grammarly, concisely covers the anatomy of a good email, common mistakes and what to do instead,  and four strategies to make your… Read more

“Thank you, Sam-I-Am!”

Today Joel Barohn, a registered dietitian and chef,  is sharing tips for helping children become healthy eaters. Do you remember discovering Sam-I-am and his Green Eggs and Ham?  Reading Dr. Seuss with my parents at bedtime, as I am sure many of you experienced, occurred not once, not twice, but quite often thrice.  Dr. Seuss’… Read more

Communication Milestones in the Early Years

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) collaborated with Read Aloud to create seven handouts detailing expected communication milestones and read aloud tips from birth to age 5. Communicating with Baby: Tips and Milestones – Birth-3 Months Communicating with Baby: Tips and Milestones – Months 4-6 Communicating with Baby: Tips and Milestones – Months 7-12 Communicating with… Read more

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2017 – Week 1

Cybersecurity Awareness Month started on October 1st and there’s a theme for every week. This week’s theme is Get Cyber Safe and STOP.THINK.CONNECT. : Simple Steps to Online Safety. Public Safety Canada has compiled a collection of tips on staying safe online.  A colourful PDF version can be found here. Here’s a snip from it:… Read more

Calendar of Literacy Tips

September is Literacy Month in BC. This year’s theme is Fostering Literacy. Decoda has created a calendar for the month filled with literacy tips, everyday opportunities to build literacy. Click on the image below for a downloadable calendar. And, don’t forget to wear purple to show your support!

VESL Tutor Tips

The Volunteer ESL Tutor Training Project of Calgary supports the professional development of volunteer ESL tutors. It is a collaborative effort of Bow Valley College, the Calgary Public Library and the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society. It has produced a VESL (Volunteering with ESL Learners) Tutor Tips guide. This 50 page document was created y ELL… Read more

Messy Play

Play materials that are wet, gooey, slippery, and sticky can be great for sensory play. And this kind of play helps children learn about the world, introduces new words, develops eye-hand coordination and small muscle control, and allows children to practice making choices and making things happen. While this type of play is something to… Read more