Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners

Rising to the Reading Challenges of Adult Learners: Practitioners Toolkit was developed by CanLearn Society to help practitioners work effectively with adults with reading difficulties. The toolkit provides strategies based on findings from both reading and learning disabilities research – strategies that work with all adult learners, including those with learning disabilities. It also builds… Read more

Pathways to Belonging and Influence

How do you succeed as an immigrant trying to establish your career in Canada? What are the strategies for success? Pathways to Belonging and Influence: Strategies and skills of the flourishing Canadians, born abroad is a joint applied research project between Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) and Bow Valley College. The goal of this… Read more

Tutor Tips from Ireland

The National Adult Literacy Agency of Ireland held a Tutors’ Forum earlier this year. The following four videos showcase some of the tips and strategies that were offered for teaching reading and writing.