Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. It’s a time to increase our awareness and appreciation of both. Why? Mathematics and statistics play a significant role in addressing many real-world problems–internet security, sustainability, disease, climate change, the data deluge, and much more. They also play an important role in everyday life – budgeting, calculating interest,… Read more

Newcomer Literacy

Many literacy practitioners are welcoming immigrants and refugees to their classes and tutoring sessions this month. In a recent Migration Matters information sheet, AMSSA provides a snapshot of the statistics on the literacy of newcomers in BC and summarizes best practices. Click here for the Newcomer Literacy two-pager. If you are a BC literacy instructor… Read more

Why you should love statistics

How accurate is your intuition? In this engaging TED talk, Alan Smith, a data visualization expert, shows how statistics can give us a reality check. And, he also demonstrates visually interesting ways of working with statistics.