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Digital Storytelling for Nonprofits

Digital Storytelling: Understanding Social Media and Visual Storytelling Tools for Nonprofits is a resource from Tech Soup Canada that explores how nonprofits can use social media platforms for digital storytelling. A webinar recording, slide deck, and additional resources are included. The webinar covers: How to tailor content and visuals to your organization’s social media platforms… Read more

Can You Spot the Deceptive Facebook Post?

Many people get their news from social media. Can you determine if a Facebook post is genuine or part of an influence campaign? It’s not always easy to tell the difference. Take the New York Times Can You Spot the Deceptive Facebook Post? quiz to test your skills. The answers give you tips on spotting… Read more

Social Media Wellness

Today’s students face a challenging paradox: the digital tools they need to complete their work are often the source of their biggest distractions. Social Media Wellness: Helping Tweens and Teens Thrive in an Unbalanced Digital World offers strategies for talking about social media and promoting academic, social and physical wellness in students’ use of social… Read more


Have you tried Snapchat? This photo sharing app is popular with teens and parents want to understand it. The following video is a quick introduction. But, it’s not all negative. There are benefits to using Snapchat. For more information about Snapchat, visit the Cyberwise Snapchat Hub. It has links to safety tips, parent guides, news… Read more

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids

The Parent Network: Social Media and Your Kids Workshop is designed to help parents better understand how their children are using social networking. It provides tips and tools that parents can use to minimize negative experiences and maximize positives ones. The workshop from MediaSmarts is designed to be presented in a school or community setting… Read more

Adobe Spark

If you have limited time and/or funds to create interesting social media, you might want to take a look at Adobe Spark. It’s a new set of free tools for easily creating graphics and visual stories for social media. Spark consists of a Web app with three main tools—Post, Page, and Video—each with companion mobile… Read more

Family Technology Rules

If children set technology rules for their parents, what would they be? Put your phone away when I’m talking to you. Don’t text while you’re driving. Stop posting photos of me online without my permission. A new study by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Michigan worked with 249 families with… Read more

Facebook for Nonprofits

Earlier this year, Facebook launched a new website, Facebook for Nonprofits. It is dedicated to resources for helping nonprofits and NGOs get the most out of their Facebook Pages. It covers everything from setting up a Page to building a support network of “likes” to using the platform’s latest fundraising tools. This toolkit includes tips… Read more

Half Girl, Half Face

Designed for girls in grades 7-9, the Half Girl, Half Face workshop explores many of the online image issues teenage girls may encounter when they use digital media – particularly social networks. Suitable for both school and community settings, the resources include the Half Girl, Half Face video and a comprehensive facilitator’s guide. This MediaSmarts… Read more

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day, a day that promotes safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially for children and young people. This year’s theme is “Let’s create a better internet together.” The following video, a collaboration of Flocabulary and Common Sense Education, is an entertaining review of 10 ways to… Read more