Make Better Slides

Do you use slides in your work?  What makes some slides so much better than others? Good design helps content be more effective. The following articles offer tips to make your slide shows better: 6 dos and don’ts for next-level slides, from a slide expert Let’s Make Better Slideshows Top Ten Slide Tips If you… Read more

Decoda Conference 2017 Presentations online

The presentations at the Decoda 2017 Conference: Fostering Literacy covered a wide range of topics. And now, thanks to the generosity of presenters, many of the presentation slides and materials are available online. If you were able to attend the conference, they’ll be a nice refresher and in some cases supply additional materials. If you… Read more

Decoda Conference 2015 Presentations

This year’s Decoda Conference was filled with a wide variety of interesting and informative workshops. With so many good options, choices had to be made. To help you catch a glimpse of presentations you may have missed, some presenters have kindly provided the slides they used during their workshops. Click here for the presentation slides.