scavenger hunt

Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a summer activity that’s worth repeating! Do you want a fun activity that will remind children of favourite books or introduce them to new books? Why not create a book scavenger hunt? In A Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt, Madelyn Rosenberg outlines the steps for creating an individualized book scavenger hunt that makes the most… Read more

Family Scavenger Hunt

Sunday’s tip on the Fostering Literacy calendar is “Go on a scavenger hunt”. This is a fun way to embed literacy in a family activity. And, it can be done outdoors. Looking for ideas? Nature Scavenger Hunts for Kids {with free printables!} has lots of tips and suggestions for creating scavenger hunts for children of… Read more

Scavenger Hunt for Adult Students

A scavenger hunt can be an enjoyable way for adult students to work together and practice using language. Read ProLiteracy’s Students ‘Find’ Learning Fun on Scavenger Hunts for a description of the educational benefits as well as instructions on how to design a scavenger hunt.

Online Occupation Scavenger Hunt

Adult learners’ career awareness is typically informed by whatever exposure they have had to the world of work through personal experience, family, and friends. Often, this means they’re not aware of nor encouraged to explore their own potential for upgrading their skills and moving out of entry-level, low-wage jobs. Adult educators should be equipped to… Read more