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Newsela is a free nonfiction reading website and an app where students can read about current events at different reading levels. The news articles are from several sources, including the Washington Post, Scientific American, the Smithsonian and PBS News Hour.  They’ve been rewritten at 5 different reading levels (measured by Lexile score), from approximately Grade… Read more

Online library for adult learners

Are you looking for web-based reading material for adult literacy students? The Center for the Study of Adult Literacy (CSAL) has an online library for adult learners. It provides access to over 1,600 different resources for learners organized by reading level and by topic. All of the reading materials exist on external websites and have… Read more

Online Reading Material for Adult Learners

The Center for the Study of Adult Literacy has a library of online texts for adult learners. This library contains over 1,600 different materials for learners to read. The texts are categorized by both reading level (Easier, Medium, Harder) and topic (Health, Food, Babies, Children, Teenagers, Families, Advice, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Jobs and Work, Money, History,… Read more