reading lists

Spring Break Reading

Spring Break is a great opportunity for children to indulge in a little extra reading for fun, whether it’s reading aloud, silently reading together, or reading solo. With the focus on reading for enjoyment, being able to choose what to read is important. But, with so many books available, how do you choose? Here are… Read more

Reading Challenges for 2019

Want to boost your reading in 2019? A reading challenge may be just the thing to expand your reading life. There are several reading challenges online. Here are a few: Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2019 Reading Challenge has ten categories of books, for a total of 12 books to read next year. There are plenty of… Read more

Choices Reading Lists

Every year, thousands of children, young adults and educators around the United States select their favourite recently published books to create three recommended reading lists, the Choices Reading Lists. These lists are used in classrooms, libraries and homes to help readers of all ages find books they will enjoy. Click the images below for this… Read more