Reading and Talking about Biographies

Today, Rachel Stenberg, a LINC instructor and Resource Teacher at Windsor Neighbourhood Learning Centre in Burnaby, shares a successful biography project she did with her adult ESL class. Thanks, Rachel! Need a fun way to use readers with your class? My LINC 4 adult ESL students absolutely loved the Grass Roots Press Biography readers! In… Read more

World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day is this Saturday, June 8th. It is a day to remember the role that oceans play in everyday life. And, it’s a day to remember the impact of human actions on the ocean. We celebrate World Oceans Day to remind everyone of the major role the oceans have in everyday life. They… Read more

Soft Skills at Work

Are you looking for readings about workplace soft skills at a beginning reading level? Earlier this year, Grass Roots Press released Soft Skills at Work, a series that uses contrasting photostories to explore six different soft skills. Titles in the series are: Getting to Work on Time Putting Customers First Standing Up for Yourself Taking… Read more

ESL Literacy Readers

There’s a wonderful collection of literacy readers to use with ESL adult students available free from the School of Global Access at Bow Valley College. The ESL Literacy Readers are 39 theme-based readers written by Bow Valley College ESL literacy instructors. The stories in the Bow Valley College collection have been written specifically with adult… Read more

ESL Literacy Readers

The ESL Literacy Readers are a collection of 40 theme-based readers designed for adult ESL literacy students. The themes are chosen for their high interest and relevance. The readers are organized in 7 levels, with increasing levels of difficulty in text, structure and vocabulary. Free download is available from Bow Valley College’s Centre for Excellence… Read more

Teenage Learner Motivation

Things are never simple with teenage learners. Whilst young learners are so full of energy that most activities will be met with enthusiasm… and adult learners tend to be naturally focused on meeting language goals, as well as having a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute to classes, getting it right with teenagers is… Read more

Pre-Beginning ESL Curriculum

If you are working with literacy level adult ESL students, you might want to take a look at the Pre-Beginning ESL Curriculum from the Minnesota Literacy Council. This three week curriculum includes units on community, daily activities, family, food, health, housing, looking for work, money, on the job, talking on the phone, poetry/feelings, registering for… Read more