Today is the start of Raise-a-Reader Week! This year’s campaign runs between September 20th and 27th and continues to provide important support for family literacy programs in BC. What are the benefits of reading in the early years? How do you help children become readers? Take a look at the following infographic. Literacy Month Bingo… Read more

Raise-a-Reader Week 2018

Today is the beginning of Postmedia’s Raise-a-Reader Week! From today until September 21st, funds are raised to support a wide variety of family and early literacy programs in BC communities. Visit the Raise-a-Reader Week webpage to donate. Throughout the week, The Vancouver Sun will feature articles on the good work that Raise-a-Reader funding supports. Canuck… Read more

Raise-a-Reader Week

It’s Raise-a-Reader Week! This year, Raise-a-Reader Week is September 14th to 21st. This Postmedia campaign raises funds to support family literacy initiatives. Read inspiring stories throughout the week in the Vancouver Sun about lives changed by family literacy programs supported by Raise-a-Reader. Click here to make a donation.

To Raise a Reader

Today marks the start of Raise-a-Reader Week! One of the clearest pieces of advice for raising a reader is to read to a child. Many parents do just that, but may stop once a child can read on their own. Doug Lemov on how to ‘push the margins’ of what children can read is a… Read more

Seniors Tea at the Kensington Public Library

Antique china teacups lined the table while a beautiful bouquet of freshly picked hydrangeas give a an elegant air to a morning tea for seniors. On July 26, 2012 the doors of the Kensington Public Library, closed to the public for the morning, were open to local seniors who were interested in connecting with the… Read more