How privacy aware are you?

Do you know enough to protect your personal privacy online? Take the TELUS Wise privacy quiz and see how you do. To learn more about how to protect you and your family online, browse the TELUS Wise resources and read their online safety and privacy tips. For ideas on teaching kids about privacy online, visit… Read more

Grammar Tips: Pronoun Agreement

Personal pronouns must agree with their antecedents (the words they are referring to). They must match by person, number and gender. Here’s guidance on the basics from TERMIUM Plus, Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank: Pronoun agreement: person Pronoun agreement: number Pronoun agreement: gender There’s also advice for when things get more complicated: Pronoun agreement:… Read more

Friday Fun

Looking for the next title to read?  Get suggestions from the Answer 5 Questions and We’ll Give You 5 Book Recommendations quiz. How about testing your book knowledge? Can you identify the books in The Six Word Summaries Volume Ten quiz? If you like reading and like anagram puzzles, read Literary Fun: 7 Ridiculous Book… Read more

Bookstore Quiz

Looking for a new book to read? Answer some questions about your book buying habits, and Book Riot will give you a book suggestion. Click the image below to go to the quiz.

Peaceable Pronouns Quiz

Pronouns should agree with the words they refer to (their antecedents) in gender, number and person. Take the Peaceable Pronouns Quiz to test your understanding of pronoun agreement. If ten questions aren’t enough, try the Peaceable Pronouns 2 Quiz. These quizzes suggest the best choice for formal writing. Watch next week for a post on… Read more

Canadian Symbols Quiz

This Sunday, July 1st, is Canada Day. It’s a national holiday to celebrate the creation of Canada. How well do you know Canada? Test your knowledge by taking the Symbols of Canada quiz.

Plain Language in Business

Today is International Plain Language Day. The theme is “Improving Customer Relations“. Try the following plain language quiz from Grammarly, Can You Translate Business Jargon to Plain Language? (Click the image to go to the quiz.) You can find information on applying plain language principles to business writing in Writing at Work: how to write… Read more