Pronunciation for Adult ESL Students

Watch a pre-beginning level adult ESL class as they move through their weekly pronunciation routine and practice word stress with vocabulary words in their weekly reading. The teacher uses multisensory activities to engage learners and help them to hear and produce the rhythm of English. This is one in a series of videos on pronunciation… Read more

Pronunciation Lessons

The Minnesota Literacy Council has produced four new videos demonstrating how to teach pronunciation in the adult ESL classroom. These real-life videos demonstrate teaching techniques and activity ideas that can be adapted for beginning to high intermediate level learners. Word Stress Final Consonant Articulation Intonation Voice Quality Settings If you’re looking for pronunciation games, workbooks… Read more

Tricky Pronunciation

There are many words we may read but not have the opportunity to use in conversation. Have you ever read a word and know what it means but you’re not sure how to pronounce it? Test your pronunciation with That’s How You Say It? 9 Words with Tricky Pronunciations. Or try 10 Tricky Pronunciations from… Read more