Literacy and the Economy

In WHAT NOW? | Opportunity Lost, a new policy brief from the Canada West Foundation, Janet Lane and Scott Murray review some recent analysis of international and Canadian literacy levels (including PIAAC data) and economic performance. The new research confirms that literacy skills are an important determinant of economic growth. Two of the main findings… Read more

Productivity and distraction

Technology has introduced a lot of ways to work and gather information productively and efficiently. At the same time, it has provided a number of distractions that interrupt focus. The following infographic shows some of the things you can do to minimize the impact of distractions at work. Courtesy of: On Stride Financial Save

The effect of cellphones

Cellphones are everywhere. They help us communicate and stay connected. Information flows to them and from them. They have multiple uses and there are many benefits to using them. But, cellphone use also has some unintended, less positive consequences. To learn more about how cellphones may affect your productivity and sense of well-being, read Annie… Read more

Productivity Tips

While we don’t necessarily want to spend more time working, we might like to get more done during the time we are working.  10 Days to Better Productivity, an infographic from Infographic World, offers ten tips for increasing productivity.   Which ones will you try?