Literacy and Poverty

Frontier College’s recent research report, Literacy and Essential Skills as a Poverty Reduction Strategy, underlines the role literacy can play in addressing poverty. The report highlights include the key research findings and the strategic recommendations. For more research and statistics, look at the earlier discussion paper. Using Brain Science to Design New Pathways Out of… Read more

2018 BC Child Poverty Report Card

Data reveals that once again far too many children in British Columbia are growing up in poverty. One in five children, or 172,550 children and youth, are growing up in poverty. And many are growing up in deep poverty — up to $13,000 below the poverty line. This includes poor households where one or more… Read more

B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card

Did you know that BC has the highest rate of seniors’ poverty in Canada? Learn about this and more facts about seniors’ poverty in the B.C. Seniors’ Poverty Report Card released this summer by SPARC BC (Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia), in partnership with United Way of the Lower Mainland. The first… Read more

BC Child Poverty Report Card 2016

First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition with the support of SPARC BC produces an annual report card with the latest statistics on child and family poverty in British Columbia. This is done in conjunction with the release of the national child poverty report card by Campaign 2000. First Call has been tracking child and family… Read more

The Effect of Poverty on the Brain

Does living with scarce resources affect the brain? Does it affect learning? Can anything be done about it? In the following TEDx talk, Beth Babcock of EMPath explains how poverty impairs the development of executive function in the brain, and shares the success of new coaching models that allow clients to practice and rebuild their… Read more