There’s a Poem for That

World Poetry Day is March 21st. Looking for poems to celebrate the day? Watch the TED Ed series There’s a Poem for That. It pairs contemporary and classical poems with award-winning animators. Here’s the first poem:

Nature Poems

April is National Poetry Month. The theme for 2019 is Celebrate nature with poetry. The League of Canadian Poets invites you to celebrate the 21st annual National Poetry Month in April with nature – whether it’s mountain ranges, deserts, forests, oceans, or plains; whether it’s a cityscape or a landscape. Read, write, and share poetry… Read more

Book Spine Poems

Have you heard of book spine poetry? It’s another form of found poetry and a fun and easy way to celebrate National Poetry Month. Gather up some books, read the titles and stack them to create a short poem that creates an image, feeling or scene. For more tips on creating a book spine poem,… Read more

Newspaper Blackout Poems

Found poetry is created by selecting words and phrases from one or more non-poetic sources and using them to create a poem. The text can come from a variety of sources, including books, newspaper articles, letters, menus, brochures, and shopping lists. One form of found poetry is erasure or blackout poetry. Using existing text, the… Read more

Poetry and Children

We’re half way through National Poetry Month. There’s lots of poetry available for children. Reading poetry can be a learning experience and it can be fun. Looking for ideas on selecting poetry for and reading it with young children? The following online resources offer suggestions: Children’s Poets Your Kids Should Know (and Will Love!) from… Read more