Tips for Newcomer Parents

Are you working with newcomer parents? Here are three resources that can be helpful. If you are looking for an easy-to-read guide for parents filled with fun activities for young children that help them become successful learners, visit the Helping Children Learn website and download one or all of the three Learning Together Every Day… Read more

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is defined by Zero to Three as a set of parental behaviours that support a child’s capacity to love, trust, explore and learn. For a more detailed explanation, read Nine Elements That Power Positive Parenting. How does positive parenting develop the skills that children need? For more on developing these essential life skills… Read more

How to Raise a Human

Earlier this summer, NPR launched How to Raise a Human, a special series that explores child rearing around the world – and what parenting books don’t tell us. It looks at international parenting practices as well as the latest research, looking for universal lessons about the way kids play, sleep, learn and more. Here’s a… Read more

Screen-Free Week

Today is the start of Screen-Free Week!  Children, families, schools and communities are encouraged to unplug from digital entertainment and spend free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends. Looking for ideas to help children go screen-free? Here are some resources: 7 Parent-Tested Tips to Unplug and Play 101 Screen-Free… Read more

Cuddle, Connect, Communicate

The Parent-Child Mother Goose Program® (PCMG) is offered by many family literacy programs throughout BC. The program focuses on the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories. These are used to build confidence, create positive family patterns, and give children healthy early experiences with language and communication. Mother Goose facilitator Alana Murdoch loves… Read more