Tips for Newcomer Parents

Are you working with newcomer parents? Here are three resources that can be helpful. If you are looking for an easy-to-read guide for parents filled with fun activities for young children that help them become successful learners, visit the Helping Children Learn website and download one or all of the three Learning Together Every Day… Read more

Playing Builds Brains

Everyday Play Play Using the Senses Language, Numbers and Play Find ideas for play-based learning activities for families in the four booklet set, Let’s Play: Activities for Families. More information is available in the Play Today BC Handbook.

Serve and Return to Build Baby’s Brain

Responsive interaction between children and adults build a strong foundation in a child’s brain. The Harvard Center on the Developing Child outlines five steps for serve and return: Notice the serve and share the child’s focus of attention. Return the serve by supporting and encouraging. Give it a name! Take turns … and wait. Keep… Read more

Ending screen time without tears

One of the challenges for digital parents is ending screen time. How do you avoid complaints, arguments and meltdowns? In How to end screen time without tears, Alexandra Samuel offers practical tips for before, during and after screen time that will help parents and children end screen time on a good note. Samuel is conducting… Read more