NWT Literacy Council

Clear language cookbook

The NWT Literacy Council in partnership with the Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority and the NWT/Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program created Great Food for Northern Cooks: Clear and Easy Recipes. It uses ingredients that are available in northern communities, and is a good example of an easy to read cookbook with lots of illustrations.

Engaging Youth

If you are working with youth or planning to work with youth, Literacy Link South Central and the NWT Literacy Council have produced recent reports that can help inform your work. Marketing, Engaging and Maintaining Youth: tools for youth programming (ages 18-29) is a series of reports and tools that look at how to attract… Read more

Lots of Recipes for Fun

Want to stir up some family fun? Fizzy paint? Clean mud? Colour surprise play dough? The NWT Literacy Council has recently published 25 More Recipes for Fun!, a book with tried and true instructions for making play materials at home. There are recipes here to fuel a lot of creative activities. For even more ideas,… Read more