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Copy Edit Tihs!

Do you write or proofread someone else’s writing at work? Test your skills by trying The New York Times Copy Edit Tihs! Quiz. There are ten passages that contain at least one error in grammar or usage. You don’t have to fix the error, just spot it and click on it. Answers and explanations are… Read more

Picture Prompts

The New York Times has introduced a new feature in its Learning Network. Picture Prompts is a collection of images with accompanying questions that support writing. What’s Going On in This Picture?, another New York Times Learning Network resource, continues to be produced. It contains intriguing photographs without captions. This resource can be used as… Read more


Every Monday, The Learning Network of the New York Times posts a picture and asks What’s Going On In This Picture? (WGOITP?)  In addition to selecting a picture and posing three questions for students to ponder, students are invited to comment. On Friday the caption for the photo is revealed, along with more information. Does… Read more