Dyslexia Myths

Did you know that October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month? It’s a great time to become better informed about dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Five places to get more facts about dyslexia: 7 Common Myths About Dyslexia Debunking the Myth about Dyslexia Dyslexia FAQ from The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity International Dyslexia Association… Read more

Busted: 11 enduring literacy myths

How do you address misconceptions about literacy? Busted: 11 enduring literacy myths is a new policy brief from the Canada West Foundation. Written by Janet Lane and Scott Murray, it describes and debunks the following myths: Myth 1: Everyone can read so there can’t be a literacy problem. Myth 2: More education means better literacy…. Read more

Brain Myths

Are these statements true or false? Some of us are ‘left-brained’ and some are ‘right-brained’. This affects how we learn. Brain development is complete by the time you reach puberty. Learning is due to the addition of new cells to the brain. A common sign of dyslexia is seeing letters backwards. Mental capacity is inherited… Read more