Music and COVID-19

 During the coronavirus pandemic, people have turned to music to connect, collaborate and create calm. The following articles show the varied ways music has been used. The Beat Goes On: High School Choirs Improvise In The Age Of Coronavirus Music for self care: Listening to music with intention Music-making bring us together during the… Read more

The Arts and Cognitive Skills

What happens to our brains ‘on art’? New research is beginning to reveal the benefits. You might be surprised at some of the findings. For links to the research underlying this video, read New Studies Link the Arts to Crucial Cognitive Skills.

Music and the Early Years

Discover the benefits of music for young children in the Is your baby getting enough music? Mini Parenting Master Class. Find musical activities for children in our Tuning Into Music: Listen! Make! Move! resources. Family literacy programs can borrow the Family Literacy Kit: Music with picture books, activity books and musical instruments from the Decoda… Read more

Let’s Make It! Music for Babies

In our Let’s Make It! Babies activity sheet, we’ve outlined some of the things that parents can ‘make’ with babies – smiles, conversations, games, and traditions. While we focused on the tradition of reading aloud, another popular tradition is singing. Many parents sing to their babies. And, lullabies are a popular bedtime tradition. Did you… Read more

Song Maker

Last week Google launched Song Maker, a browser-based tool for creating simple tunes. There are options for creating melodies and rhythms. Here’s a quick introduction: Song Maker is part of a set of tools called Chrome Music Lab, designed to make learning music fun and accessible with hands-on experiments.  

Music and Math

While it’s easy to see how music can contribute to language skills, the patterns and sequences in music also contribute to an understanding of mathematical concepts. For one explanation of how this happens with young children, read The Patterns of Music from the National Association for the Education in Young Children. For an example of… Read more

Family Literacy Week Activities

It’s Family Literacy Week! From Abbotsford to Williams Lake, communities are celebrating family literacy with a variety of activities. Click here for a list of some of the things happening in the province. You can participate in Family Literacy Week fun by entering our photo contest. Deadline is the end of January. Find the details… Read more

Freeze Dance

Freeze Dance is a fun activity for parents and young children that combines music and movement. You need space for dancing and something to make music that is easy to start and stop (e.g. CD player, musical instrument, your voice). The game is simple. Play or make music and invite your child to move to… Read more