Understanding Motivation

The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard has created an interesting interactive graphic outlining the brain regions involved in motivation and how they work together. Click the image below to go to the fully interactive graphic. Here are five commonly misunderstood facts about motivation: Motivation comes from a set of neurochemical networks that develop… Read more

Life Skills Modules

Are you working with adult literacy students who would like to develop their self confidence, self advocacy, goal setting, time management, and organizational skills? Laubach Literacy of Ontario has learning modules available for free download that include PowerPoint presentations and learner workbooks. Each module is designed for 4-6 sessions, and is suitable for Level 1… Read more

Teenage Learner Motivation

Things are never simple with teenage learners. Whilst young learners are so full of energy that most activities will be met with enthusiasm… and adult learners tend to be naturally focused on meeting language goals, as well as having a wealth of skills and knowledge to contribute to classes, getting it right with teenagers is… Read more

Mindset Misunderstandings

“Mindset” has become a popular concept in education and parenting. But, Carol Dweck, whose research into student motivation led to the popularity of the mindset theory, believes that her work is sometimes misinterpreted. Last month, in a talk at Stanford University, she outlined three ways that her work is being misunderstood. Read Growth mindset guru… Read more