Help Every Child Fulfil Their Potential

In the most recent RSA Animate, Carol Dweck explains how the wrong kind of praise can be detrimental and how to interact with children to develop a mindset that supports growth and learning. To learn more about a growth mindset, email library@decoda.ca to borrow Dweck’s Mindset: the new psychology of success.

Mindset Misunderstandings

“Mindset” has become a popular concept in education and parenting. But, Carol Dweck, whose research into student motivation led to the popularity of the mindset theory, believes that her work is sometimes misinterpreted. Last month, in a talk at Stanford University, she outlined three ways that her work is being misunderstood. Read Growth mindset guru… Read more

Boosting Math

Boosting Math is an online video that delivers four key messages about learning math that provide research-based encouragement. This could be good to view with students who are having difficulty learning math. To learn more about how new brain research findings and a growth mindset can impact the way math is taught, visit Youcubed. It’s… Read more