Canadian Library Month

October is Canadian Library Month! More than just a place to find books, libraries promote cultural awareness, engage in the community, provide educational programs, support freedom of expression and so much more. This year’s theme is “A Visit Will Get You Thinking“. The following video highlights some of the great work being done in BC… Read more

Libraries Ready to Code

Want to learn more about resources and strategies for facilitating coding and computational thinking activities? Libraries Ready to Code, an initiative of the American Library Association sponsored by Google, is a good place to look. The Ready to Code Collection was created with the collaboration of staff from 30 libraries that curated resources, developed content… Read more

Libraries Inspire Literacy – an invitation

It’s BC Library Month! This year’s theme is Libraries Inspire. Traditionally, libraries have played a strong role in the literacy of their communities. Decoda Literacy Solutions is celebrating the many ways Libraries Inspire Literacy. All BC literacy practitioners and libraries are invited to contribute to a Facebook photo album showcasing the literacy work happening now… Read more