Libraries Ready to Code

Want to learn more about resources and strategies for facilitating coding and computational thinking activities? Libraries Ready to Code, an initiative of the American Library Association sponsored by Google, is a good place to look. The Ready to Code Collection was created with the collaboration of staff from 30 libraries that curated resources, developed content… Read more

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being: Strategies for Language Instructors has been researched and designed to help EAL instructors and male students engage in topics around men’s physical, sexual and emotional health and well-being in a safe, supported way. It is intended to be used by male instructors teaching an all-male class. Organized into four sections,… Read more

Joys and Challenges of Holidays

Are you looking for student reading material about the holidays? The Change Agent student newspaper has created a lesson packet with four essays about holidays. The essays, at the grade 7 to 8 reading level, are “Christmas Change“, “Taking the Good with the Bad“, “Celebrating Eid” and “My Diwali“. The activities focus on gathering information… Read more

Preparing for an Earthquake

Two resources released this year help teach students about getting ready for an earthquake. The Earthquake Preparedness Unit was developed by LISTN for adult ESL students at Canadian Language Benchmark Levels 4 and 5. The Unit consists of four core lessons, each 1.5 hours long: • Introduction: Preparing for an Earthquake • Workshop: An Emergency… Read more


Every Monday, The Learning Network of the New York Times posts a picture and asks What’s Going On In This Picture? (WGOITP?)  In addition to selecting a picture and posing three questions for students to ponder, students are invited to comment. On Friday the caption for the photo is revealed, along with more information. Does… Read more

Law-related ESL lessons

The Clicklaw Wikibooks Learn & Teach series has two resources of special interest to adult ESL instructors and settlement workers in BC. Law-related ESL Lessons are designed to provide sample lessons on legal topics of interest to newcomers to Canada. These lessons are geared to different LINC levels and are aligned with Canadian Language Benchmark… Read more

Learning through Gardening

Today is Earth Day, a good time to think of embedding learning in gardening. Developed for adult literacy tutors, Learning Through Gardening is pack of four modules from Ireland. The modules cover math, digital literacy, communications and horticulture. Worksheets and tutor notes with tips and suggestions are included.  Click here to access this resource. And,… Read more