Creating Creators

Creativity is being recognized and appreciated as an important skill. But, what can be done to develop it, particularly at school? The LEGO Foundation has released Creating Creators, a report on what can be done to strengthen creativity in the education system. The seven contributors examine why it is important to develop students’ creativity, how… Read more

LEGO Lovers Learning Literacy

It’s Family Literacy Week! This year’s theme is Let’s Make It! Today we’re pleased to welcome Chrisy Hill, Community Literacy Coordinator for the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy – Elk Valley, as a guest blogger. Chrisy shares a family literacy resource using LEGO for fun and learning. LEGO has been a kids’ favorite since 1932. … Read more

LEGO Six Bricks

What can you do with six DUPLO bricks? Quite a lot! Six Bricks is one of the LEGO Foundation’s tools to introduce learning through play.  Through a series of short fun activities using only six coloured DUPLO bricks, young children can practice oral communication, problem solving and collaboration. To help you try out Six Bricks,… Read more

LEGO and learning

You can learn through play. You can play with LEGO. So, can you learn with LEGO? Of course you can. 12 Unexpected Ways to Use LEGO in the Classroom outlines how LEGO can be used to teach math, create or illustrate stories, practice writing, develop thinking skills, and help teach coding. Playing with LEGO can… Read more