#PutOnYourPurple Knitting

September is Literacy Month in BC. Did you know that purple is the signature colour for the month? Knitters at Decoda Literacy Solutions are taking advantage of this to indulge in some purple knitting. You’re invited to join in. We’re announcing this in advance of September so you have time to gather your supplies. Share… Read more

Knitting and Math

As anyone who has created or modified a knitting pattern knows, knitting involves math. Now, textile arts such as knitting are being explored as a way to teach math and interest young people in STEM. A new article, Girls Knit Their Way to a Math Career, summarizes some of the projects that are underway.  

Knitting and Learning

Have you tried knitting with your students? The process is at least as important as the product. Some teachers have used knitting to enhance the learning in their classrooms. “When I Knit, the Anger Goes Into My Yarn”: Knitting the Way to English describes one teacher’s experience of introducing knitting as an activity to her… Read more