Kate Nonesuch

Namaste Book Series

In 2014, the Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL) published the Namaste series of stories. Keiron Galloway worked with students to write the stories. The stories are available for free download. “Six people tell of seeking asylum in Australia, fleeing their homeland under dangerous circumstances, living in limbo, and leaving everything behind for a new… Read more

The Joy of the Difficult

In a new blogpost in her series on trigger warnings, Kate Nonesuch explores The Joy of the Difficult and talks about why you should choose material that reflects the lives, struggles, hopes, and current conditions of literacy, ABE and GED students and why it doesn’t all have to have a happy ending. Read the blogpost… Read more

Kate Nonesuch on Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings are statements at the start of a piece of writing, TV show, movie or video alerting you to the possibility that the content might be distressing. In her latest blog post, Kate Nonesuch talks about balancing using difficult material in the classroom with respecting students’ lived experience. Real lives are tough; sometimes an… Read more

Family Math Fun

Family Math Fun is a book full of activities for families to do together. Written for educators and parents by BC practitioner Kate Nonesuch, all the activities do more than help children think about numbers, shapes and patterns. Here’s what Kate has to say: Spirit: We want to nourish the learning spirit, so that children… Read more