Jo Boaler

Rethinking Giftedness

In this short film, older students who were labelled as gifted talk about some of the challenges that has created. And, younger students share their experiences of learning without labels. Rethinking Giftedness from YouCubed on Vimeo. Both labels and dichotomies are damaging in education. Instead of deciding some students are “smart” or “gifted” we should… Read more

Maths Potential

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month. It’s a time to increase the understanding and appreciation of mathematics and statistics. Both play a role in addressing real world problems – on a global as well as individual scale. And, while we know that math is important, we also know that many people struggle with it…. Read more

The Importance of Visual Mathematics – and Fingers

Evidence from new brain research demonstrates the importance of visual engagement, finger perception and finger knowledge to learning mathematics. Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math Class briefly describes the research and what it means for teaching mathematics to all ages and at all levels. For a fuller understanding of the research, read SEEING… Read more