Learning Together

Today is Intergenerational Day Canada! In recognition of the day and the importance of different generations sharing time, talent, stories and skills, we’re highlighting some of the intergenerational literacy programs. One of the wonderful things about community-based literacy programs is the flexibility to create programs that suit the needs of the community and its members…. Read more

Intergenerational Landed Learning

Today is Intergenerational Learning Canada Day! Intergenerational Landed Learning is an initiative by the UBC Faculty of Education to bring elementary school children and community gardeners together at the UBC farm. From September to June each year, classes of grades 3 to 7 children partner with Farm Friend volunteers to sow, grow and harvest food… Read more

Intergenerational Day Canada

Today is Intergenerational Day Canada. It is a day to focus on the simplicity and power of connecting children and youth with older adults, and the power of those connections to create healthy communities. Research shows that intergenerational programs increase self-esteem and feelings of well-being for both older and younger participants. This video shows a… Read more