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Check First. Share After.

Did you know that reducing the spread of misinformation during a pandemic by just 10% will reduce the severity of the outbreak? MediaSmarts has just launched the Check First. Share After campaign to encourage Canadians to check the source of info about COVID-19 before sharing it. What can you do? Share responsibly. Check first, share… Read more

Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month! Healthy eating is about #MoreThanFood – it’s also about family, memories, and emotions. Here are some recommendations around how to eat: Be mindful of your eating habits. Cook more often. Enjoy your food. Eat meals with others. Find a free recipe e-book, articles and more on the Nutrition Month website. Click… Read more

ABC Health Matters

October is Health Literacy Month! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines health literacy as “the degree to which an individual has the capacity to obtain, communicate, process, and understand basic health information and services to make appropriate health decisions.” It includes knowing how to describe symptoms, where to find help for health issues,… Read more

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being

Refugee Men’s Health and Well-being: Strategies for Language Instructors has been researched and designed to help EAL instructors and male students engage in topics around men’s physical, sexual and emotional health and well-being in a safe, supported way. It is intended to be used by male instructors teaching an all-male class. Organized into four sections,… Read more

Diabetes and Literacy

Today is World Diabetes Day. Literacy is an important factor in learning to manage personal health, including diabetes. The Diabetes Essential Skills Kit (DESK) is designed to help health practitioners and literacy practitioners work together with patients and learners to develop skills to help them manage pre-diabetes and diabetes. The kit consists of two online… Read more

ABC Health Matters

October is Health Literacy Month! ABC Health Matters is a health literacy program from ABC Life Literacy Canada, with the support of AbbVie Corporation. The workbooks from their three hour workshop are now available to download for free. The resources are intended for people receiving health services and/or their caregivers. Make a Medical History Card… Read more

Staying Healthy Curriculum

Staying Healthy is an award-winning curriculum from the Florida Literacy Coalition. There are two levels. Staying Healthy for Beginners is written for EAL students at the high beginning level. Staying Healthy: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living is the original curriculum, and it is suitable for low intermediate level students and… Read more

Health Literacy Month

October is Health Literacy Month. In Canada health literacy is defined as “the ability to access, comprehend, evaluate and communicate information as a way to promote, maintain and improve health in a variety of settings across the life-course.” Health literacy is an essential life skill. In Canada, 60% of adults and 88% of seniors have… Read more

The Learning for Health Toolkit

The Health Literacy in Community Organizations: a Toolkit to Support Engagement and Planning was created for Canadians who want to improve health literacy within their organizations and their communities. The 2017 edition was launched recently. Sponsored by the Public Health Agency of Canada, it contains: information about why health literacy is important, the links between… Read more

Flashcards and QR Codes for Health Literacy

How can flashcards and QR codes improve health literacy? Low health literacy is associated with lower ability to take medications as instructed, lower ability to interpret labels and health messages, and poorer health. A recent research study found that flashcards available through QR codes on prescription bottles improved patients’ ability to follow medication instructions. Previous… Read more