Family Fun and Games

After a few weeks of social distancing, could you use some new family games that are easy, fun, and economical? Find ideas in: 4 Dice Games That Are Fun For The Whole Family – And Will Kill Some Time – CBC Parents 10 kid-friendly card games – Today’s Parent 19 games for family bonding during… Read more

Pi Day

This coming Saturday, March 14th, is Pi Day! Looking for a fun approach to math? Why not a math game? Here’s a sample. To borrow any of these resources from the Decoda Library or to find more, email .

Make Math Fun

Looking for ways to make math practice fun? Here’s a sample of online resources: 15 Fun Ways to Practice Math How Do You Make Math Fun? Math Fun: Kids won’t even know they’re learning math with these five new lessons! Math Playground There’s also fun practice available in the TED Ed Math in Real Life… Read more

Digital Play for Global Citizens

Can technology help children prepare to live in a global, networked world? Digital Play for Global Citizens is a guide to digital resources, including websites, games and tools, which promote global citizenship in school age children. Here what author Jordan Shapiro has to say about the reason for developing this guide: “I wanted to help… Read more

ELL Fun and Games

Want to add some fun to your work with adult ELL students?  Here’s a collection of enjoyable activities that reinforce learning: Choose the MOST Correct Caption from Larry Ferlazzo ESL Bingo Set from successintesl (free download) ESL Games: What Is My Occupation? From tesol international ESL Jeopardy from How to play ESL Taboo from… Read more

Pig & Stop

Have you played Pig & Stop? It’s a word game, and the following video from ONE TO ONE Literacy Society shows you how to play it. Pig & Stop from ONE TO ONE Literacy Society on Vimeo. To see more word games in action, visit the ONE TO ONE vimeo channel. You can find game… Read more

The Irish National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) has developed a new website with print exercises, online exercises, games and resources for tutors. It’s a useful for resource for adult students, tutors and teachers. Visit to browse through the resources.

Math Playground

Are you looking for online games for students to practice math skills? Math Playground might be just the kind of site you are looking for. It’s filled with fun math games, logic puzzles and problem solving activities at different skill levels.  And, while it’s designed for children, some of the activities would be enjoyable for… Read more

Fun with Math

Can you have fun with math? With math games you can have fun while practising math skills. You can find games to use with your adult students in several books available for borrowing from the Decoda Library. Here’s a sample: All Hands on Deck: Math Games Using Cards and Dice Dice Works for Kids: Math… Read more

Math Fun: Dice Games

You can have fun while building numeracy skills! Thanks to a grant from the Hamber Foundation we have been developing our numeracy collection, and that includes books with fun math activities. Here are some of the books with dice games recently added to the collection: Rolling into math This book includes the instructions for more… Read more