Family Fun and Games

After a few weeks of social distancing, could you use some new family games that are easy, fun, and economical? Find ideas in: 4 Dice Games That Are Fun For The Whole Family – And Will Kill Some Time – CBC Parents 10 kid-friendly card games – Today’s Parent 19 games for family bonding during… Read more

Families Learning and Interacting Together (FLIT)

Looking for fun activities to do with young children? The Centre for Family Literacy in Alberta has developed a free family literacy app, FLIT, filled with a variety of fun activities that support literacy. It’s a great source of ideas for reading, recipes, rhymes and games. You can download the app on Google Play or… Read more

Ecology of Learning

An ecology of learning includes the places and interactions that offer opportunities for learning, development, and achievement throughout a person’s life. This environment inspires exploration, creativity, connections with others, and support in mastering skills at home, and in school, the community, and digital spaces. To see snapshots of how schools and communities around the world… Read more

Reading for Social Justice

Today is World Day of Social Justice! Reading for Social Justice: A Guide for Families and Educators is a new resource from Teaching Tolerance and the School of Education, University of Colorado Boulder.  It presents a thorough and practical guide to creating a reading group focused on social justice for families. This guide is designed… Read more

Summer Digital Diet Plan

Do you feel that technology reduces conversation, interaction, and reading aloud in families? The Read Aloud 15 MINUTES/ASHA Popular Technology Survey Report found that many American parents feel that device use interrupts these activities. To help balance device use, try the 5-Step Summer Digital Diet Plan. You can find ideas for device-free family activities in… Read more

Family Activities

Looking for some quick and easy family activities to do with your baby, toddler or preschooler? Don’t forget that Decoda has a lot of ideas and they’re available to download for free. Here are a few of them: 15 Minutes of Fun Let’s Play Together! STEAM Family Fun Tuning into Music What’s on My Plate?… Read more

Winter Family Fun

What are you doing on BC Family Day this coming Monday? If you’re looking for ideas for winter family fun, here are some links to visit: 19 Ideas for Outdoor Winter Play – from CBC Parents 40 Winter Activities for Toddlers and 28 MORE Winter Crafts For Kids– from Hands On as we grow Make… Read more

Stories about Food

Lots of times when we think about stories about food for families, we think about read-aloud picture books for young children. From the colourful collages in Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the realistic photos in Eating the Rainbow, there’s plenty of choice available. Another valuable set of food stories that we sometimes forget… Read more

Intergenerational Literacy

Today is Intergenerational Day. It’s a good time to read through The Open Door Collective’s recent background paper on Intergenerational Literacy. It briefly reflects on how helping parents develop their literacy skills has a double benefit, improving their workforce skills and improving their children’s success at school. It outlines specific actions for parents to take… Read more

Family Technology Rules

If children set technology rules for their parents, what would they be? Put your phone away when I’m talking to you. Don’t text while you’re driving. Stop posting photos of me online without my permission. A new study by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Michigan worked with 249 families with… Read more