How Toxic Stress Affects Us

The latest video from Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University looks at the impact of toxic stress on parents. What can be done? There are suggested resources for parents and policy makers to accompany this video.

Family Creative Learning

Family Creative Learning is a workshop series that engages children and their parents to learn together, using creative technologies. The workshops are designed to build on families’ relationships and cultural backgrounds and to strengthen their social support and skill around computing. Family Creative Learning from Creative Communities Group on Vimeo. Children and their parents engage… Read more

Families and Climate Action

Today is International Day of Families and the theme is “Families and Climate Action”. What can families do about climate change? For suggestions, read: 13 ways to save the Earth from Climate Change – a poster from National Geographic Kids It’s Important to Talk to Your Kids about the Climate Crisis from The Climate Reality… Read more

ELL Family Coding Night

Last week, we took a quick look at young children and coding. This week, what about families and coding? How do parents help children interested in coding if they aren’t comfortable with it themselves? And, what can be done if those parents are English language learners? To address some of the barriers, researchers created a… Read more

Family Time with Apps

Family Time with Apps: a Guide to Using Apps with Your Kids was created in 2014 to help parents find and use apps in ways that support healthy child development. This popular resource is now also available as a 2 page guide for libraries and community organizations to distribute to parents. You can download the… Read more