Exploring STEM through Play

Looking for STEM activities for young children? There’s help available in the Decoda Library. Here’s a sample of what you can borrow: To borrow these titles or get more suggestions (there’s lots more available!), email This library service is available to all adults in BC.


During Spring Break, there might be time to have fun with a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) activity or two. Here are six places to browse for some ideas: 37 Classic Science Experiments for Kids from Red Tricycle Elementary Activities from Tinkerlab Hour of Code Activities learnXdesign Online Science Resources from Science World… Read more


Can you engineer a package that reduces noise? Here’s an experiment from Family Engineering: An Activity & Event Planning Guide that lets you try: Supplies: 2 small identical containers with tight-fitting lids dry beans or small coins 2 identical one quart plastic containers with lids a variety of materials for testing, enough of each to… Read more

Family Engineering

Domino Diving Board? Showerhead Showdown? Artistic Robots? Mining for Chocolate? These are all activities that provide parents and their children with something fun and interesting to do that explores engineering. The activities encourage family interaction and invite families to work together as a team. Family Engineering: an activity & event planning guide is a new… Read more