Expectation Gap

When do parents expect that children can control their emotions? When do parents think that children are able to share and take turns? Is what they expect realistic? Zero to Three’s survey of American parents reveals there’s a gap between what parents expect and what children are developmentally able to do. (Click the images for… Read more

Emotions, Learning and the Brain

Research continues to support our understanding of the important role that emotions play in learning. For a concise research fact sheet that summarizes current understanding of the interplay of thinking and emotion, how experience changes the brain, the role of emotions in learning and how brain development depends on social relationships, click here. To learn… Read more

Emotions, Learning and the Brain

What role do feelings play in the brain’s learning process? We know that learning is supported when students are emotionally engaged in material that is personally relevant. Ideas about how this works are described in Emotions, Learning and the Brain: exploring the educational implications of affective neuroscience by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, an affective neuroscientist, human… Read more