educational technology

A Good Robot Teacher

Educational technology is changing all the time. And, the investment in it is significant. But there is limited evidence to demonstrate its effectiveness in improving student outcomes. In The Secret to a Good Robot Teacher, David DeSteno (Northeastern University), Cynthia Breazeal (M.I.T. Media Lab), and Paul Harris (Harvard) make the case that one of the… Read more

Educational Technology in Corrections

Educational Technology in Corrections is a recent American report describing the current status of education technology in corrections, existing and emerging approaches to providing these services, and successes and challenges of early implementers. It concludes with a set of recommendations. Click here to read the report.

Practical Ed Tech Videos

Richard Byrne, who writes Free Technology for Teachers, has created a YouTube playlist of Practical Ed Tech Tips. Over 75 videos offer directions, tips and tricks for using popular ed tech apps and sites. The videos are brief and just browsing through them will give you ideas for what you might be able to try…. Read more