Be a Smart Financial Consumer

It’s Week 3 of Financial Literacy Month! This week’s theme is Be a smart financial consumer. The more you know and understand your financial rights and responsibilities, the easier it is to avoid costly surprises and reach your financial goals. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada provides more detailed information on your rights and responsibilities… Read more

Financial Literacy Month – Week 2

Have a plan to pay off your debt is the theme for the second week of Financial Literacy Month. To learn more about managing debt, credit cards, mortgages, loans, lines of credit, credit reports and more, visit Debt and borrowing from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.

Manage Money for Student Life – FLM Week 3

November is Financial Literacy Month. This week’s theme is Manage money for student life. The key message is that managing your money carefully and living within your means will allow you to avoid costly mistakes while you are a student and prepare you for life after school. Tips for students include budgeting for student life… Read more