Data Privacy

Today is Data Privacy Day! It highlights the impact of technology on privacy rights and underlines the importance of protecting personal information. Stay Safe Online has some new blog posts with reminders on how to protect your personal data: 5 Privacy Habits You Should Adopt in 2020 Owning Your Privacy by Protecting Your Digital Footprint… Read more

How to spot a misleading graph

Statistics are used to help us to see trends and make decisions. And, often complex data is presented in visual ways that make it easier to understand. Graphs are a popular way to represent data and creating graphs is easier than ever. But, the same data can be manipulated to present different graphs that tell… Read more

Data Privacy Day

How do you protect the privacy of your data? What are you doing to protect your privacy? 10 Tips for Protecting Personal Information¬† contains timely reminders from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Also newly published is a tool to help families develop house rules for online privacy. Click here for Do-it-yourself House… Read more

What do we do with all this big data?

We are not passive consumers of data and technology. We shape the role it plays in our lives and the way we make meaning from it, but to do that, we have to pay as much attention to how we think as how we code. We have to ask questions, and hard questions, to move… Read more