Cooking (and Eating) Together

Do you enjoy cooking together? Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? Take a short video of cooking with friends or family and enter the 10th annual Hands-On Cook-Off Contest. The contest is open between April 15th and May 15th, and all BC residents are eligible to enter. There are two contest categories:… Read more

Making Memories—In the Kitchen!

Today we’re pleased to welcome Joel Barohn, a registered dietitian and chef from the BC Dairy Association, as a guest blogger. He’s sharing ideas for making things together in the kitchen. Looking for a healthy habit for you and your family in the new year? Try spending more time cooking with kids in the kitchen…. Read more

Cooking Together

Cooking with children is a family activity that can help children learn about healthy eating. It also provides opportunities for children to develop literacy skills, including learning about number and measurement, colour, taste, texture, changes in state, and a lot of new words. Seven tips for cooking with children: Adults should always be supervising. Cook… Read more

Cooking Across Cultures

For most people, food carries meaning far beyond what you need to fuel your body. It is associated with memories, feelings, culture and traditions. And, everyone is an expert on what they like and don’t like to eat. Activities focused on food, cooking and other food skills are good candidates for embedding literacy. Cooking Across… Read more